Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Blues Already??

Is it possible that I already have the winter blues before the end of Hannukah? I am trying to deny it, but it is officially here. This weekend I tried to embrace the snow by walking around downtown, wearing my cute hat and laughing as my kids made a snowman. But today, I am a grumpy and cold.

As if getting out the door in the morning wasn't tough enough, throw in boots, hats, mittens and oh yes and the windchill of 5 degrees. Do I live in Alaska?

Usually I don't feel the winter blues until late January or even February on a good year. This year, it is December 6th.

So here are my Monday suggestions to beat the Winter blues.

1. Drink some Glogg. It just so happens that I live near Andersonville, which specializes in this holiday libation. Might I recommend visiting Simon's.

2. Put on some sweats and curl up with a good book. I am currently reading Freedom, by Jonathan Franzin. Normally I would chide away from an Oprah selection, but this book is too good to care.

3. Cook some soup. I recently bought all the ingredients to make Balthazar's Cream of Mushroom soup recipe. A year ago this December I was in NY for work and my husband came to visit. It was freezing and had just snowed about 8 inches. We didn't care and headed to the Village to eat at Balthazar's. It did not disappoint.

4. Perhaps a little retail therapy can help? A cute new sweater? I really love this one from Banana Republic. Stocking stuffer anyone?

5. Volunteer! I am always reminded that no matter how cold it is outside, I can go inside and lay in my warm bed. One organization that is close to my heart is Inspiration Cafe. They provide meals to the homeless with dignity and also run an amazing social enterprise called Cafe Too.

So stay warm everyone. The high tonight is 10 degrees.

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  1. Just another reminder why you're coming to Atlanta in January - and not the other way around.