Friday, December 10, 2010

Online Shopping

So this story pretty much is the epitome of my life right now...

A few weeks back it was raining on the way to work. I realized I didn't have any rainboots, so I purchased a pair from Piperlime. They didn't fit quite right so I ordered a second pair; those too were a bit off. (Why don't rainboots come in half sizes?)

In the meantime, my daughter has turned the box from the first pair of boots into a dolly bed and my son has used the big shipping box to make a fort.

I have tried to be responsible and hold onto both receipts, but alas one is missing. I then have to go online and try to remember my special login and password for Piperlime, which I do not. They then email me a new code to reset my password, which I do. Finally I come to the page which shows my purchase, but you aren't able to reprint the receipt, only a new shipping label. I print it anyways.

I stuff both boots into one box, put this enormous and heavy box in the car and head to the post office. In the snow, I get out of my car, take out the box and as I am standing in line reading the mailing label I notice it is prepaid for UPS NOT USPS. So....

Out of the post office and off to UPS. I get out of the car with the big box, in the snow for the second time, only to realize that it is not yet open (I was there at 8:45 and it opens at 9am).

Back in the car the box goes and now I have to come back and try to ship back both boots for a third time. I will keep you posted on my success.

Moral of the story-No rainboots for me and no more online shopping. On the flip side, at least we have a new fort and doll bed!


  1. Great story - sorry about the boots but happy that you can ind everything fodder for the blog.


  2. Great story - sorry about the boots but happy that you can find everything fodder for the blog.


  3. ahahaha. classic. the dangers of online shopping