Friday, December 3, 2010

CPS Step 1

As if getting your kid into a park district gymnastic class wasn't enough...I have just fallen into the metaphorical "rabbit hole" of CPS and KINDERGARTEN applications. I have friends who are crazy obsessed with the process, it is all anyone talks about on the playground at playgroups and on blogs. Last week the Tribune posted a great article about how stressful this is for parents and my friend Rebecca writes a great blog, CPS Obsessed. I happen to see her at the gym (kudos to both of us for working out!) and lamented..."i don't even want to blog anymore about this. People are out of control on this topic."

My solution, along with superstars, Terri Versace and Jacqueline Edleberg-get involved in your own local school. Don't bet on the magnets and make public schools a great option in your own neighborhood so you don't have to play this silly game.

So in my effort not to get too caught up in this whole process, I have decided to home-school, just kidding (not that there's anything wrong with it).

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