Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Everything

Like so many of my friends I am an interfaith family. I am Jewish and my husband is well...kindof Irish Catholic. This time of year is fraught with questions...
  • Does Santa visit our house? Does Santa eat latkes?
  • How come Daddy isn't Jewish?
  • Does my holiday card look too "Christmasy" this year?

Every family does it differently and I don't think there are right and wrong answers. (Ok, truth be told, I do judge a few peoples' choices in this category, but I really try not to!) When I was getting married, everyone asked me "what are you going to do?...Celebrate Hannukah, Christmas, both?"

In reality this is the easiest part of an interfaith marriage. We never have to split our time between two families on the holidays. We spend Xmas with his family and hannukah with my family. We have tried really hard to teach our kids that it is about helping our family and friends celebrate their own traditions while creating our own.

The really hard questions about an interfaith marriage might will we have bris? Will your family come? How come we always have to have lox and bagels for every brunch, can't we have a quiche lorraine (ham and cheese)?

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  1. Nice hed. Got your card, btw -- very cute. :)