Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Downtown to Sleepytown

It is sometimes a wonder how I function at all. I am constantly in a sleep deprived state of being. I thought this stage would end once my kids started sleeping through the night (which is only a recent development for my 2 1/2 year old son). However, it hasn't really materialized. I don't have anxiety and I am not an insomniac, I am just a mom.

I can fall asleep pretty easily. So much so that I rarely make it through a movie or even a full show. However, I am not sure I ever fall into a deep, well rested slumber. This sleeping disorder started literally the day my daughter was born...well actually maybe slightly before. I remember talking with my mom while I was pregnant and her saying, "That's good Amy, those are your maternal instincts kicking in." I wish I could shut them off say for just one night so I could really wake up refreshed.

Sometimes for work I travel to NY. It is hard to leave the family, but sometimes I secretly look forward to having a night to myself. When I first started traveling, I thought, 'this will be great, I will get to sleep all through the night in a great hotel bed and wake up with a new woman.' On the contrary, I often sleep even worse than at home. I find myself, missing the little coughs in the night or my husband who snores. My brain is a funny thing.

So although I have been up since 4am (when I heard someone call out from their bed), I am just settling into my other job at 9am. This reminds me of the Senifeld episode where George takes a nap under his desk...anyone??

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