Monday, December 20, 2010

So this past week my daughter had her "gifted" test for Chicago Public Schools. As many of you know, this is an elusive process. They take your child into a little room and do...god knows what. I assume they ask some questions and try to guage in about ten minutes (or less) if your4 year old is gifted. That seems reasonable....umm NOT.

So of course afterwards we grilled her:
  • what was the test like?
  • what kind of questions did they ask you?
  • what did you answer?
  • what words did you tell them you know?
  • and so forth.

My daughter's response:

  • Well I just made silly faces at them and laughed

Great...I am guessing that can only mean one thing. We're In! Yeah right. I have heard crazy stats that it is harder to get into a CPS selective enrollment school than it is Harvard. My brain gets so frustrated when I hear this.

It this frustration coupled with Michele Rhee appearing on Oprah to talk about teacher quality. Then it is Waiting for Superman touting charter schools as the answer. As a parent, it is ALL of these things that our children need. It is not a one size fits all answer. It is all answers.

If only teachers were paid and revered in this country like sports stars we might all be a little better off.

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  1. Come to the suburbs. It's not an ideal system, but I love my students and I am not complaining about my salary.