Monday, January 31, 2011

Flying Solo

So have you missed your daily dose of 80 Twenty?  I am guessing yes.

Sorry for the absence, I was mentally preparing and executing a solo flight with both kids to Atlanta.  Here's a recap:

On the way there, the kids were champs.  I was prepared with a capital P.  I had movies, Wiki Sticks (such a great invention), sticker books, new Polly Pocket toys and the kids were ooh so excited.  I sat next to the nicest people who helped me out when my stroller wouldn't open.  They made googly eyes at my kids and they played peek-a-boo through the seats.  I landed and thought...WOW, that was a piece of cake.  No need for a week of mental yoga to prepare.

Then after a full weekend of fun, laughter and might I mention NO NAPS, we headed back into the sky for round 2.  Let's just say it was all strawberry shortcakes and roses.

We were first handed three boarding passes with three different seats all over the plane.  Next I dealt with three different flight attendants trying to tell me that I couldn't sit with my kids.  After that I sat next a woman (not next to my kids) who was reading Danielle Steele and had a Harlequin Romance bookmark and told me to put on my seat belt.  Finally, I had to deal with my tired kids pushing the tray table up and down.  Not one sympathetic parent on the entire flight.

I have been on the phone and on the email with American Airlines to complain but to little avail.  Overall, we had an amazing trip and that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger right?  Plus, to the rude and unhelpful flight attendants, KARMA'S gonna get you!


  1. I wasn't on that plane home, but we had such a wonderful time - it was totally worth it.

  2. I cannot believe that they wouldn't sit you with your VERY young children! That is sickening. I would have thrown a fucking fit. I also can't believe that people on the plane wouldn't have moved around to help you out if the stewardesses would have just asked.
    Blargh. Sorry the trip home sucked... the rest of it was good though :) That's nice!