Friday, January 14, 2011

Hurry UP!

My parents are always on time.  In fact, they are usually early getting to my house and I see them waiting in the car, because I once told them that arriving more than thirty minutes early was a bit rude. Although I joke about it, I value people being on time. 

However, I must admit, I have sort of become one of those people I used to judge.  One of those people that is chronically late.  I am not talking about 2 hours, but fifteen minutes here, thirty minutes there.  I blame it on a variety of factors...two kids, traffic and then of course there is the "Winter Effect" (the boots, the hats, the mittens, the coats, etc)  Then I find myself daydreaming about what it must be like to live in San Diego and why I don't move there, which makes me even later.

Even though we are often running behind, I think it is ok sometimes.  I once watched my daughter walking down the sidewalk, without a care in the world, slow as a baby turtle and stopping to pick dandelions.  I found myself speed walking and urging her to Hurry Up, so we could get to our next destination.  I wish sometimes, I could recapture some of that innocence and not always be in such a hurry. 

In the mornings, we are in a rush to get up, eat breakfast and get to school.  We rush to pick up from school so I can get home to make dinner and then we rush through dinner to take a bath and read stories.  I need to try to enjoy the moment and not worry if we are 10 minutes behind schedule...I know easier said than done.

I think I might try this excuse next time I am late for something..."sorry I just admiring the dandelions"  I will let you know how it goes.

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