Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Morning Rush Hour

So I know everyone has the same pain of the morning rush hour...by this I don't mean sitting in traffic but getting the kids to school and to work on time.  It begins with my internal debate, do I let my daughter sleep 15 minutes longer in the hopes that she won't be a morning crab or do I wake her to ensure that she has enough time to "wake up"

Then there is the debate about what to wear.  I thought that choosing clothes with her the night before would make things easier, but alas not the case.  She seems to forget in the morning that she picked out the outfit in the chair.  NO JOKE...this morning she told me she wanted to wear a dress, I get one from the closet and she said..."No mom that's a tunic and I would really like a dress!" 

I have the morning routine timed down to the minute...if we defer from the schedule by one moment, I am late for work.  Even on days when I think I am ahead of the game, some enviornmental factor comes into play...traffic, delayed trains or heaven forbid a meltdown in the car about wearing too much Chapstick.

So today I offer no advice, no words of wisdom, no top lists for getting out the door on time.  It is more of a rant/vent and mutual understanding of working mothers.  It is also a constant daily survival.  One day I will feel totally triumphant if I can get to work in enough time to get a cup coffee at the Starbucks.  Until that day arrives...here's to hoping.

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  1. been there. I've accepted being 20 min. late for work (gasp, i know) as an inevitable part of my life. considering i have my job after 1+ years of this, my boss has to accept it as well. Thanks for the gluten-free recipes I'll use someday!