Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vacation Blues

Going away for the weekend seems so bittersweet when you factor in the sleep deprivation of the first night blues. Does anyone else have trouble putting your kids to bed on vacation? It's the new space, the extra vacation desserts and the fun of sleeping in the same room as their siblings, but whatever the reason, it makes for a long night. Tonight we resorted to the old, take-your-kid-for-a-ride-to-fall-asleep trick. It worked for a few hours and now my husband is sleeping in his clothes with my son fast asleep on top of him and my daughter is sleeping in my bed. Oh yes did I mention it's daylight savings tonight....awesome!

On a different note, we had an intellectual conversation tonight about being a helicopter parent. It made me think, but I have to admit, I was also daydreaming during the conversation about what I was going to make for dinner tomorrow night.

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