Monday, November 22, 2010

Code Yellow

So raise your hand if you know what Code Yellow is??? Anyone? It is when your child wanders off in Target and the employees issue a CODE YELLOW!!

So yesterday, during the craziness of the holiday shopping my daughter decided to check out the toy section BY HERSELF. It was the kind of panic you never want to feel. It rises so quickly from your stomach into your throat and you go into "flight or fight" mode. Luckily the Target team members were on the scene helped with the search and rescue operation. I wish I had a witty remark right about now...but safe to say it was scary stuff.

Perhaps those little backpacks with an attached leash aren't such a bad idea after all and I take back all the judging I have done in the past about parents who use them.


  1. We have a teddy bear backpack, the few times we've used it (mostly at the zoo) it has been great, honestly the kids seem to like it.

    Glad all is well!

  2. I used to think those leashes were inhumane, until my sisters had kids. Sometimes I consider putting one on my husband :)