Friday, November 19, 2010

Overwhelmed with Peace and Quiet

So I just got back from NY for work. It was the perfect amount of time to be away...two nights. I had time to have a few nice dinners, go for a run and...oh yeah, attend a few meetings. On the plane and at night, I was a little beside myself with the quiet (even though I was in NY.) In my hotel room last night I found myself debating, should I read a book, watch a girlie movie on TV, go to sleep or go out drinking. Sometimes, in these circumstances, I become so overwhelmed with the choices associated with my ephemeral freedom, that I tend to waste the time cruising facebook. What a waste!

Most things in NY tend to start so much later than in Chicago. Meetings that are called for 9am, don't really start until 9:30. I knew this would be the case and so I found myself in the rare position of being able to sleep until 8ish and only have to get myself ready in the morning. From a distance, I am sure this sounds completely pleasurable to all my mom friends. However, in reality I miss my family and don't sleep as well knowing that they are right down the hall.

So tonight being Friday, I am happy to be home, but know I will probably want to retract this post at 6am, when my youngest calls out for me from his crib.

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  1. you're so lucky that your kids get up at 6am. we were up in the 5's today.