Friday, November 5, 2010

Innagural Post

Every morning by the time I get on the train to get to work, I feel like I have accomplished the world. I have made breakfast, made lunch for my daughter, dropped both kids off at separate schools, oh yes, and gotten myself ready for work. This last step usually involves my son, peeping into the shower, clapping for me as I take my "good morning tinkle" saying "good job mommy", pretending my hair dryer is a gun, and trying to put on enough concealer to cover up the dark circles.

I know many other working women feel this too, on a daily basis. I know I should cherish this time of my life and I do. It is just a bit draining at times. I haven't really kept up with my kids baby books, or their journals or even their photo albums for that matter so this my latest attempt to chronicle these wonderful years.

(BTW-I just put up my first posting all while pretending to participate on a conference call.)

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